Meet Bastiani

"Music has been in my household since birth"

I'm born from a family of 4 kids, me being the youngest. Contrary to a lot of artists, my parents were never very big on music. In some ways they were against it. They wouldn't like us listening to music all day every day. My dad would tell me (and he still does) : "How are you supposed to think with music running through your brain all day?" My siblings, especially my brother were really big on music. I don't think I've ever told him but in some ways a lot of my music choices today are because of him. I remember walking around the house as a little child hearing from one ear my sisters listening to The Fugees and from the other my brother listening to Al Di Meola.


"When my brother's rock band came to practice at the house, I would jump on the drums during their break."

My love for drums came probably around age 12. I would profit of my bro's band breaks to jump on the drums and just smash those toms. After a lot of supplication, my parents bought me my first drum set when i finished elementary school. I still play to this day but I can't say I ever became good. It's one of those things you just do because you like it, not because you're good at it.

One day, I was bored...

I remember one day being really bored at home. At that time I was the only kid left at the house. For some odd reason, I told myself maybe I should learn to make beats. I remembered my brother used to make music on this program called FL Studio so I went online and downloaded the software. I think I was around age 16 at the time. I could confidently say I probably didn't produce anything worth listening to until I was 18. Anyways, I've been producing ever since that day and I'm glad I did because it's become one of my strongest passions tying in with my love for music.


"Music is what I hang on to"

Nowadays, I live alone in a small apartment in Montreal, Canada. If you're here it's probably because you heard one of my beats so you know i'm still producing tracks. My goal as Bastiani (which is my middle name btw), is to develop as an artist. I'm super iinspired by other producers that are from Montreal like Kaytranada and High Klassified that are making it with big name artists.

"I don't make music for the trends, I make it for myself"

I think what distinguishes me from a lot of producers is the fact that I really make the type of music I like and not what is "trending". Trends dissapear anyways. I'd probably say that's what leads to my unique style.

"People who know me personally know that i'm a laid back, thoughtful guy, and I think that translates pretty deeply in my music."



 "This is me nowadays, being a bum as always."

I post my instrumentals for sale here, I also have a Soundcloud where I post tracks that are not for sale. I don't have much beats here yet because I really focus on quality over quantity. I'm always on the hunt for artists who I can develop alongside of me which is why I only do custom work for artists I actually enjoy and not just because they're ready to pay me. If you do need custom tracks done or anything else, you can message me at my email : "" and we'll see what we can do.

"I'd say my tracks are mostly for artists looking to stand out amidst the music we hear nowadays."